About the Plan

What is a General Plan?

The General Plan establishes the framework for decision-making regarding land use, housing, transportation, infrastructure, resource conservation, parks and recreation, public safety, and equity. This framework includes a vision for Santa Fe Springs supported by goals, policies, and implementation strategies.

The General Plan identifies a vision for the future and provides the foundation for all development decisions. The current General Plan was adopted in the 1990s. In this rapidly evolving world, an update creates the opportunity to address current challenges and emerging trends.

The General Plan touches many topic areas, such as where housing can be built, where new commercial businesses are needed, how the road network can better accommodate cyclists and pedestrians, how parks can be improved, and how public safety is addressed in our daily activities, including exposure of people to noise and air pollutants.  

Input from the community is essential to the development of the vision, goals, and policy statements. Using an intensive, inclusive, and creative community engagement process, the new General Plan will focus on achieving well-defined guiding principles for a wide range of topics. This General Plan program represents an opportunity for residents and the business community to share their ideas about reimagining Santa Fe Springs, both in terms of near-term actions and a long-term vision.



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