Key Topics

The General Plan touches many topic areas, such as where housing can be built, where new commercial businesses are needed, how the road network can better accommodate cyclists and pedestrians, how parks can be improved, and how public safety is addressed in our daily activities, including exposure of people to noise and air pollutants.  Each chapter of the General Plan, called an element, has a particular focus.

General Plan Elements:

  • Land Use
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Environmental Justice 
  • Safety
  • Noise
  • Open Space/Conversation


Every city and county in California is required to plan for its share of statewide housing demand, from the number of new homes needed to the specific needs of all economic segments of the population.  The Housing Element must be updated every eight years. As part of this project, the City will update its Housing Element for the 2021 to 2028 period. The City of Santa Fe Springs last completed its 2013-2021 Housing Element in 2014.

For this update, the City will be looking to identify sites where new housing may be built, both for ownership and rental markets.  




Heritage Park Carriage Barn

Santa Fe Springs Aquatic Center