Community Workshop on Zoom

Feb 12, 2021 at 9:00am

The City of Santa Fe Springs is inviting the community to share ideas about two key issues: housing and environmental justice.  A community workshop on Zoom will be held on March 31, 2021 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. 

At the workshop, City staff will provide information about where new housing might be built in the City.  The forum will also provide residents the opportunity to share ideas and concerns regarding local conditions that may affect their health, such as access to parks, availability of health care services, truck traffic, and the interface between industrial businesses and neighborhoods.

The General Plan update includes preparing a new housing plan for the next eight years.  This plan, called the Housing Element, guides decisions about where new housing might be built for households of all income levels, how to improve the physical condition of existing homes, and what strategies can be pursed to meet housing needs of the elderly, disabled residents, and other special needs people. Under State law, every city and county in California is required to update its Housing Element every eight years. The due date for the 2021-2029 Housing Element for almost all Southern California cities and counties is October 15, 2021.

A foundational principal of the updated General Plan will be the concept of “environmental justice,” defined by California law as ”the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of people of all races, cultures, incomes, and national origins with respect to the development, adoption, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies.”

At the workshop, we are asking the community to express their ideas regarding housing and environmental justice priorities and weigh in on potential solutions to address community challenges.  Participation from residents and stakeholders is vital to ensure community’s values are identified and articulated in the General Plan and that the City’s approach provides the best fit for Santa Fe Springs’ goals, values, and priorities. This workshop is the third in a General Plan workshop series, and subsequent opportunities for community participation will be presented.  Visit the City’s website and social media pages to continue to be involved in the General Plan update process.

Join our Zoom Meeting:
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Workshop Flyer